“As the research project continues, examining the use of this equipment on other materials and trace evidence (firearms discharge residue, fingermarks etc.) it is becoming evident that the size and portability of this equipment and the radiant power outputs of the two lasers coupled with the flexibility of 3 wavelengths offered, make them an incredibly useful tool in the forensic crime scene examiners armoury for examining crime scenes for latent evidence.” View full testimonial.

Professor – John P. Cassella

“I’ve always been impressed with laser technology and it’s application in both forensic laboratory and crime scene examinations. Some 8 years ago I was hauling a 532nm laser (the size of a small chest of drawers!) round scenes to locate body fluids, biological trace and latent marks. I’m amazed how the size of the lasers from Tech-Long have reduced, so much more portable and easier to use. Better investigations, more marks, more identifications!”

Kay Murfin – IntaForensics

“The Tech-Long DBLED Dual Wavelength crime scene light source, operates at specific wavelengths and so provides cleaner light than our previous LED crime scene kit. Our old LEDs operate at a wavelength ‘range’ and so the light has less clarity. Tech-Longs new Dual Wavelength LED identifies a wider range of human biological latent traces, and the images we recover are of a higher definition.”

Forensic Image Lead – UK Police Service